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K-TECH 2013 Startups

Company: Art and Technology Holdings

Art and Technology Holdings (ANTH) is a mobile application and web service development company. ANTH’s vision is to ‘Improve life by collaborating art and technology’. To realize the vision, ANTH is collecting and analyzing people’s life log data with an emotional problem solving service like ‘Memoriant’, a smart and improved photo management and narrative contents creating service.

Company: ASD Technologies

Cloudike is a high-quality white-label Cloud file storage product which can offer service on-par with or superior to branded counterparts. It allows rapid deployment under your brand, scales to millions of users, and can be customized for particular business needs.

Company: Brixon

Brixon creates culturally-relevant social and casual games aimed at players all around the world. Founded in 2013, Brixon will publish its first game “Indian Story” on October 2013, available on Google Play and App Store.

Company: Doberman Studio

Servicing online and feature mobile games around the world through Android, iOS and Windows, Doberman Studio is launching a new social network game platform ‘JAMON’, providing and satisfying other developers with new rewarding systems, and cross marketing plans helping each other open new global markets.

Company: DreamSquare

DreamSquare is a big data-based personal future navigator that helps young individuals navigate their future colleges, careers, and lifestyle in advance.

Company: EPS Company

EPS is developing vision-based, sensorless parking guidance and speed detection systems.

Company: I.M.LAB

HeartiSense is a CPR education system that enables precise and effective learning without a trainer. The system provides trainees with simulated virtual scenarios and a mannequin that has been modified to provide a more realistic feel, and thus a better simulation of an actual situation.

Company: iKooB

iKooB provides a content sharing platform dedicated for iPad & tablet. The solution platform enables collective note sharing and contents production with a scalable update system. It became the best app for Korean iTunes since released on Aug 2011 and is now being used in 71 different countries.

Company: JJS Media/MyMusicTaste

MyMusicTaste is a web- and mobile-based concert making platform through the use of crowdfunding. Through this, music fans can demand their favorite bands to come to their hometown. JJS Media develops other music-themed mobile applications such as Mironi, a music player skin with SNS functions, and official music festival applications.

Company: Koreagapyear

Korea Gap Year is a government authorized social enterprise that is developing gap year programs to supply opportunities and experience in a type of occupational experience. They are developing a variety of programs for Korean students and have completed developing programs for Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia and India.

Company: Lezhin Entertainment

Lezhin Comics is a sustainable global comics platform. We produce and curate high-quality comics and deliver on cross-platform. At the same time, we establish high-visibility communication with our content providers by returning proper and reasonable profit share. The revenue is generated by Read in Advance, a revolutionary Free-2-Play model for comics.

Company: MathCloud

MathCloud’s intelligent, adaptive software provides a new way to create a blended learning environment in today's classrooms. MathCloud adapts to student performance in real time and gives immediate feedback to both students and teachers. Through the delivery of its online platform, EduCloud strives to erase borders and make education accessible to everyone regardless of geographical location or income.

Company: memebox

memebox is beaty subscription commerce. You can have carefully selected latest beauty products for $16.50 every month. You can also purchase popular beauty products among memebox subscribers on our e-commerce site for discounted price.

Company: NoTag

NoTag aims to provide customers with a cross-boundary on/off-line service in which they can purchase quality and well-designed Korean products at affordable prices from all over the world. NoTag provides global on/off-line commerce solutions to small and medium-sized Korean suppliers who wish to promote their brands and products to global market.


Pikicast provides curated content that people want to consume and share with others (viral). By using its deep understanding of social platforms and methods of utilizing contents and platforms to make viral effects, Pikicast has developed segmented channels (pages) on Facebook and is now developing its own web/app service which will be launched in November.

Company: playplanet

Play Planet is a local travel marketplace connecting travelers and locals. Through playplanet's platform, locals who are passionate about people and their city can share the local community specialties while creating revenue for themselves and their community, and curious travelers can book and travel with local people to experience ‘real’ local life.

Company: SEWORKS

SEWORKS is a startup consisting of hackers who developed the service 'Medusah', which protects apps from mobile security threats.

Company: SinglePet

SinglePet is a smart pet sitter including a hardware gadget and a mobile application, which together enable pet owners to take care of their pets at home from anywhere at anytime. The gadget has a camera and microphone installed so pet owners are able to communicate with their pets in real-time, as well as hardware to dispense food from the smartphone app.

Company: SOSO

Our Our company possesses brain computer interface technology which is lowest brainwave measuring device, software and etc. We are selling products in Japan and in Korea which is BCI technology converged with the contents that are effective in brain fitness. possesses brain computer interface technology which is lowest brainwave measuring device, software and etc. We are selling products in Japan and in Korea which is BCI technology converged with the contents that are effective in brain fitness.

Company: Stratio

Stratio will produce innovative Short Wavelength Infrared image sensors for biomedical applications such as pulse, blood pressure, glucose level monitoring, as well as brain activity monitoring. Stratio's Ge-based SWIR image sensors will be disruptive to the existing market since our sensors are low power, and therefore suitable for portable devices.

Company: TNT Crowd

Learnyware provides opportunities to teach online without any cost, including making lectures and distributing courses.

Company: XrisP

XrisP creates crispy content in animation, smart game and application. Our main animation character NORI is a little cute rollercoaster living in NORI PARK. It's already came out as e-book and application book at Appstore, Google Play Market and Amazon.com. Now, we're making out of it 3D animation, smart game and Smart R/C Car.